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Save up for your future expenses. Earn returns, rewards, cashback - everytime. With multipl, you keep winning.

Join the 250K+ tribe who save and win on multipl everyday.

What is your next big expense?

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Connect Saving With Spending

It is your money that you save. And, it is your money that you spend.
Keeping them disconnected is a bad money move. Now, connect your saving with your spending and end up with more money.

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1. Start your
next spending goal

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2. Get superior
returns while saving

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3. Get best brand
offers while spending

Pay The Lowest For Your Biggest Spends

Think of any upcoming big spend. Plan for it on Multipl and pay the lowest price for that spend by maximising your savings. You plan, you win.

Multiple brnads on multipl
Multiple brnads on multipl

Media Mentions

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Multipl is identified as one of the most disruptive start-ups in India

YourStory Logo

Multipl is identified as one of the most disruptive start-ups in India

Saving is Boring Rewarding

Saving is no longer boring. With Multipl, you save, you get rewarded. Every time.
Now, you will look forward to your next SIP.

Rewards For Saving On Multipl

Don't Compromise

Whatever your goals - Multipl helps you achieve it. You will no longer have to downgrade your plans or have any FOMO on your goals. Just plan it.

Personalised Investments

Curated investment allocation for every goal of yours. Our investment framework focusses on returns without compromising on safety and liquidity of your savings.

Our personalization engine will recommend funds based on your profile and goals.

No more worrying about which fund is right for you.

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No Commission

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No Confusion

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No Promotion

Safety, Liquidity, Return Investment Framework of Multipl

Trust Comes First. Always.

Our commitment is to provide maximum security, privacy and safety for your data and transactions.

We do not sell your data to anyone.

We do not hold your money at any point. We do not charge any commission to any fund-house, and do not promote any funds over another.

For us, you come first.

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SEBI Registered
Investment Advisory

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100% Data &
Transaction Security

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Zero-Bias Advisory
Right Investments only

Choose The Smartest Way

Multipl’s Plan Now, Pay Smarter model offers a superior outcome
and is better than every other option out there - EVERY OTHER OPTION.

Returns + Brand Benefits


Plan now, Pay Smarter

Returns + Brand Benefits

Up to 25%

Personalised Investments + Additional Savings from brands



Many rewards for positive saving



Saving Bank





Mutual Funds - Market Investments


6 to 8%

only if you choose the right funds from 1500+ funds



Credit Cards




May be

But only for spending more






Comes with a credit burden

Buy Now, Pay Later


-10% to 0%



Unplanned impulsive spend, regret later

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