Our Story

A vast majority of Indians keep their savings in bank accounts - neither diligently planning their future predictable spends (like travel, insurance premiums, anniversary gifts, home furnishing, gadgets or other purchases) nor investing money for better returns for long term needs. Additionally, the consumption ecosystem is driving consumers towards ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ credit driven models, which leads to impulsive buying and debt.

This is why we are building Multipl - as the world’s 1st ‘Plan Now, Buy Smarter’ platform for your high value purchases - to give you 5X more value for your money without taking undue risks.

Multipl is not a preachy product that asks you to stop living your life and focus on only saving your money. Rather, Multipl enables you to enjoy your life but in a smarter way that doesn’t hurt you financially. Multipl helps you identify things that can be easily planned and then gives you the best options to achieve your goals - in a fun, exciting and rewarding manner.

Multipl helps you strike the right balance between saving and spending. Multipl helps you enjoy life - debt free snd stress free.

Come, join the #MultiplMovement

Investment Philosophy

Safety of your capital is the most important factor in our investment framework

Liquidity to ensure your target goal is achieved within the stipulated goal duration, and hassle free withdrawals when you complete your goals

Returns but adjusted to the risk you can take and should be taking with your savings

Our Investment Research team comprises of highly qualified, and very focussed CFA, CA, and MBA grads with over 33+ years of collective experience in investment advisory and research.

SEBI Registered Advisers

Commission-Free Investment

Zero-Bias Allocation

No Lock-Ins

The Team

Vikas Jain

Chief Investment Officer

Ex-Goldman Sachs Successfully ran a private Investment Advisory for HNI’s IIM, CA, CFA and RIA

Paddy Raghavan

Chief Executive Office

Previously Co-Founder @ cmpute.io (acquired by Cisco), Masters from IIIT-B

Jags Raghavan

Chief Operating Officer

Previously Co-Founder @ cmpute.io (acquired by Cisco), Mentor to start-ups at Cisco Launchpad